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I pray for the convergence of the new coronavirus.

2020December 1st.

~GAIA「営業時間短縮」のお知らせ~  新型コロナウイルス対策の一環としまして、しばらくの間営業時間を短縮させて頂きます。 10:00~19:00      ↓ 12:00~18:00  皆さまには、ご不便とご迷惑をお掛けしますが、ご理解とご協力をお願いいたします。店主 「Go To ガイア キャンペーン!」開催中!! GAIAでは新型コロナウイルスの一日も早い収束を祈念してセールを開催しております! 実施期間:令和2年12月1日(Fire)~令和3年1月31日(Day) 実施店舗:Crystal Garage GAIA (The opening building is temporarily closed.) Contents: 50% OFF of in-store products(Excluding books, care products, etc.) Eligible Customers: E-mail Magazine Members(You can register on the spot.) ※お会計時にメルマガをご提示ください。  それでは、新型コロナウイルスの対策をして、皆さまのご来店をおまちしております! 新型コロナウイルスの対策について  GAIAでは新型コロナウイルス拡大防止のため、下記のように対策を行っております。  《お店としての対策》 1.1時間おきを目安に、店内空気の入れ換えを行います。 2.スタッフは全員マスク着用にて対応させて頂きます。 3.スタッフはお客様対応の合間に、手洗いとうがいを行います。 4.スタッフはアクセサリーパーツを扱う際には、手指の消毒を行います。 5.洗面所には、天然由来で殺菌効果のあるアロマソープを設置してます。 6.スタッフは始業前に検温を行い、健康状態の確認をします。 7.店舗入り口の取っ手、トイレのドアノブ等、直接手の触れる部分には、接触感染対策テープを貼付しております。.. Read more

Thanks GAIA anniversary.

2018February 10, 2016

GAIA1 anniversary Thanksgiving sale announcement this time Crystal Garage GAIA is celebrates anniversary with our thanks.  Thanks very much to everyone.  The Thanksgiving sale today!  Even without registration your registration at the store and receive discounts from the spot. Please use this opportunity! Duration: 2/10/2018(Soil)From 2/18(Day) Content: products except some special discount members receive 50% off e-zine members 30% off * books, etc. * Will be carried out only in GAIA. * Newsletter members will take this opportunity to come to a special discounted membership enrollment we recommend. For more information please ask! Visit our staff sincerely look forward to! Language this page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original.

GAIA temporary closing notice

2018In January 12.

Our Hi Crystal Garage GAIA is "Kumamoto mineral Marche" exhibition for the period of temporary will be closed. 1/12/2018()From 1/14(Day)Dazaifu good-luck House, normally open, so visit our sincerely look forward to. Language this page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original.

Instagram started!

2017March, 26th.

Everybody Hello! It is warm in March is coming to an end but it not. I get the hard part with fluffy scarf(><) So today's announcement. In fact quietly sober-on Instagram(Instagram)Also started. Is staff soejima [stone today is I] in the series sometimes up, so take a look please. And if you don't mind anyone thank you! It is Instagram account crystal_garage_gaia. Instagram ↓ ↓ [stone today and I] diopters's! @crystal_garage_gaia # copper # glitter # mineral # rough #mineral # blue-#bluegreen # natural stone #Dioptase # Midori copper #select by #Soet ë ns #CrystalGarageGAIA #newopen # Dazaifu tenmangu shrine near CrystalGarageGAIA,(@crystal_garage_gaia)Posts shared by – 2017.. Read more

Sister store opening sale!

2017March 16

Everybody Hello! And which then doin I'm sorry no m(_ _)m last post more were passed about half a year. So, I immediately notice. Last month February 18, sister shop Crystal Garage GAIA-crystalgaragegaia-open, about 1 month ago. Open more customer thank you really visit! The Dazaifu luck hotel and "ladders" during your visit, every day is filled with gratitude. In the critically acclaimed exhibition is opening sale! All items 50% off(Except for the books, care, etc.) Of has become a very profitable period. The Equinox 3/20 Monday is final sale. Come visit during this period. Sister restaurant opened after staff two stores and we are fro. Could not respond immediately at the customer's request, the amount of time and trouble, sorry. Warm and caring we thank you. Crystal Garage GAIA is hours of operation 10:00~ 19:00Until the last minute are time magazine recently guide we have street Dazaifu KAIUN building hours are changing.. Read more