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2018In October 18,. : Good luck: some renovation news

Hi, everybody. Mornings and evenings are long and the temperature went down, it has been chilly.
Not in bad health, well, be careful.

Now once again, Dazaifu good luck building a store maintenance and some closed for refurbishment, during the following period closed.

 Closed from:10/18/2018()From 10/31/2018()

Normally, a sister restaurant "Crystal Garage GAIA", so we are open "never yet been on GAIA! "That the guests, take this opportunity to come visit!
In addition, "stone was a good-luck House, comes to mind ~! "That it will be possible to our customers, so please ask!
Ask for approximately two weeks, great inconvenience to inconvenience, but we look forward to understanding. The shopkeeper
2018In October, 5. : 臨時休業のお知らせ

Crystal Garage GAIAをご利用頂き有難うございます!



2018年9月29日 : 臨時休業のお知らせ

いつもCrystal Garage GAIA、


2018年8月11日 : Great planning Bon!

Hi, everybody. Is followed by severe heat, what you doing?
Now, Facebook is Obon holiday. ^ ^ A 9 week long thing, and what? Home / grave, domestic travel, international travel, people spend there, everyone is like?
I think many people this time of year is home to Kyushu. So the bracelet impossible of maintenance I'll refresh on this occasion! It is too minor for the fall?!
In addition, daily deals items are available, so take a look at to Dazaifu feet please!

Period of implementation:8/11/2018(Soil) ~ 8/19/2018()
Implementation: Dazaifu good-luck House /Crystal Garage GAIA both store
Implementation description:(1) rubber wire replacement bracelet per person 1 book free (2) daily item largesse service!

* Service you receive when store newsletter registration, please.

2018On July 26. : Holiday notice

Yesterday the Dazaifu 小鳥居 alley market visit thank you!

For the transfer to yesterday's extraordinary sales
Today, the Dazaifu luck be closed Bon appétit.
We are sorry for inconvenience to the customer was going to visit the
The sister shop Crystal Garage GAIA
Normally open, so please come visit!

"Crystal fair in the summer! "Also are critically acclaimed.

Commitment to Dazaifu KAIUN building natural stone

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