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2019March 1st. : 祝!令和元年



Staff sincerely look forward to!

Period of implementation:令和元年5月1日(水)~令和元年5月12日(Day)
実施店舗:開運館/GAIA 両店
実施内容:店内商品 50%OFFより!!


2019In January 11. : Kumamoto Marche exhibitors and temporary closure

Dazaifu luck hotel1/12/2019()-14 days()To be held'Kumamoto mineral Marsh.In the exhibit.
Due to it,Dazaifu luck hotel is closed during the fairIt comes to.
Furthermore,17Day(Wood)Than the normal operatingTo thank will return.
 I look forward to your visit, all prefectures, Kumamoto!
2019年1月1日 : Happy new year!

And happy new year
 This year Dazaifu luck hotel, Crystal Garage GAIA with thank you.
So everyone will be great in the year 2019, and sincerely wishes sincere staff.

 Two days is Dazaifu good luck()From the GAIA are open from new year's day.
I look forward to our visit.

2018December 24th. : 臨時休業のお知らせ
Always the Dazaifu luck hotel and Crystal Garage GAIA patronage, thank you.

Well good luck hotel, GAIA is the following three days,Year-end holidaysWill be charged.
Thank you to everyone for the inconvenience we are.

Year-end holidays:12/25/2018(Fire)-27(Wood)

* 28()Normal sales.
* Happy new year 2 day()That will be open.
201811 / 26. : 10 year anniversary! 12/2 big Thanksgiving sale(Day)Up to!

Hi, everybody. Always stay Dazaifu luck hotel and Crystal Garage GAIA, thank you.
Dazaifu KAIUN building could celebrates 10 years 11 months ended. This is because as far as all our cherished from. Thank all of the staff.
So great thanks to you, this 10th anniversary special sale held until this weekend.
Annual "largesse" are available so take a look at Dazaifu, visit please! GAIA is held at the same time!

Period of implementation:11/23/2018(Gold) ~ 12/2/2018(Day)
List of stores:Both store GAIA House /Crystal Garage, Dazaifu good luck
Implementation description:Special discount members receive 50% off
Newsletter members 30% off

* Subject to discount, even on the day of enrollment.
* We recommend special discounted membership to enroll on this occasion.
* Product is excluded from some personal care items, books.

Commitment to Dazaifu KAIUN building natural stone

3One policy

In the members-only discount and natural stone life enhancing information delivery!