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2018In August 11. : Great planning Bon!

Hi, everybody. Is followed by severe heat, what you doing?
Now, Facebook is Obon holiday. ^ ^ A 9 week long thing, and what? Home / grave, domestic travel, international travel, people spend there, everyone is like?
I think many people this time of year is home to Kyushu. So the bracelet impossible of maintenance I'll refresh on this occasion! It is too minor for the fall?!
In addition, daily deals items are available, so take a look at to Dazaifu feet please!

Period of implementation:8/11/2018(Soil) ~ 8/19/2018(Day)
Implementation: Dazaifu good-luck House /Crystal Garage GAIA both store
Implementation description:(1) rubber wire replacement bracelet per person 1 book free (2) daily item largesse service!

* Service you receive when store newsletter registration, please.

2018On July 26. : Holiday notice

Yesterday the Dazaifu 小鳥居 alley market visit thank you!

For the transfer to yesterday's extraordinary sales
Today, the Dazaifu luck be closed Bon appétit.
We are sorry for inconvenience to the customer was going to visit the
The sister shop Crystal Garage GAIA
Normally open, so please come visit!

"Crystal fair in the summer! "Also are critically acclaimed.
2018年7月22日 : "Midsummer Crystal fair" held in!

First "7/2018 rain", wish you please pray for the souls of those who lost their lives, along with condolences to the bereaved families.
Also, the victims sincerely sympathies to.

Now we may see Cluster Festival in early summer! "For you great success and received many guests did not request," Crystal fair in the summer! "We are holding!
Brazil Thomas Gonzaga industrial clusters are, of course, was it in addition, Himalayan crystals, all quartz laser crystal, etc. and natural crystal ball largesse price offers!
As before, the venue set up a tent beside the GAIA in a further event was held simultaneously in Dazaifu luck hotel, GAIA, that can scale to. Period will also last longer, because on this occasion by all means!

Period of implementation:平成 30 年 7 月 2 日(Soil) ~ 7/31/2018()
Implementation: Dazaifu good-luck House /Crystal Garage GAIA both store
Content: all crystals are what!50% off largesse bargain

* 25(Water)The GAIA is closed, but open the Dazaifu good luck.

So much was blown off the heat as well as willing staff sincerely look forward to!

2018In July, 8 pm : Business resumption

Of those who passed away due to heavy rains once again, heartfelt best wishes. In addition, we wish to sincerely sympathies to the victims that even now, with the earliest recovery.

Now in Dazaifu luck hotel, Crystal Garage GAIA, yesterday closed forced hadToday 7/8(Day)More normal salesWe will resume. In the past two days, you know not inconvenience travelers visit the inconvenience, we apologize.

However, in some regions still danger zones, such as closed. Please come and visit please please be careful.

Manager: comoriden Kazuo

2018年7月7日 : Announcement of temporary closure

We as we all know, yesterday in a wide area of Western Japan "heavy rain special warning" has been issued.
Damage such as a landslide and road subsidence has been reported throughout the segment Fukuoka changed to "heavy rain warning" this morning, but.

Condolences to the victims who were killed in heavy rains once again, sincerely wish our souls while at the same time. I just wish for a speedy recovery.

Dazaifu luck hotel, Crystal Garage GAIA is the extraordinary every day, but today 7/7()Also we will be temporarily closed. Inconvenience any inconvenience to guests planning to visit us, we are very sorry. We ask for your understanding.

Please note tomorrow for subsequent sales, due to weather and other once again guide authorised.
Please thank.

It seems likely melt comes, will not wait. Everyone, please take care and enjoy.

Manager: comoriden Kazuo

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