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Measures against covid-19


With about measures against the new coronavirus, GAIA is implementing the following measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.  《Measures as a shop》 We will replace the in-store air every 1.1 hours. 2. All staff will respond by wearing a mask. 3. The staff will wash and match your hands in between customer responses. 4. The staff will disinfect your fingers when handling accessory parts. 5. Aroma soap with natural origin and bactericidal effect is installed in the washroom. 6. The staff will check the temperature before the start of the business to check the health condition. 7. Contact infection countermeasure tape is affixed to the part where the hand touches directly, such as the handle at the store entrance and the doorknob of the toilet. 8. We installed splash-proof vinyl curtains at the counter with the longest face-to-face time. 《We would like to ask for your cooperation》 1.When visiting the store, please use a car as much as possible. 2. When entering the store, please be sure to disinfect your fingers with the disinfection gel installed at the entrance. 3. Please be sure to wear a mask while entering the store. 4. When touching products such as accessory parts, please be sure to disinfect your fingers. 5. Please avoid weekends as much as possible and visit on weekdays.  Above 5 points, thank you for your understanding and cooperation.  We will try to create a good environment so that everyone can visit the store with peace of mind. Language This page has been translated automatically. Please note that it may differ from the original content.