2019May 1, 2010

 Happy New Year! Reiwa
 It was finally the beginning of a new era of the year of the Reiwa year. All over Japan, you're in a festive mood.
We will also celebrate the new year of the Reiwa and will hold the "Reiwa New Year's Anniversary Festival" from today!

 Generally, the sale is for members, but this time all customers are eligible.
Why don't you take this opportunity to find a commemorative dish in Dazaifu, which is associated with "Reiwa"?

Staff sincerely look forward to!

Period of implementation:May 1, Reiwa(Wednesday) Reiwa - May 12, 2017(sun)
Shops: Kaiunkan/GAIA both stores
Contents: In-store productsFrom 50% OFF!!

Some products, such as books and care products, are excluded.