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10 year anniversary! 12/2 big Thanksgiving sale(day)Until!

2018November 26, 2010

Hello everyone. Thank you for always using Dazaifu Kaiunkan and Crystal Garage GAIA.  Dazaifu Kaiunkan was able to celebrate its 10th anniversary this November. This is all thanks to the love we receive from everyone. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the staff. Therefore, to express our gratitude to everyone, we are holding the "10th Anniversary Great Appreciation Sale" until this weekend. We also have the customary "big board behavior", so please come and visit Dazaifu! GAIA will be held at the same time! Implementation period: November 23, Heisei 30(Gold) ~ 12/2/2018(day) Implementation store: Dazaifu Kaiunkan / Crystal Garage GAIA stores Implementation details: Special discount members 50% OFF E-mail magazine members 30% OFF * Even if you join on the day, you will be eligible for the discount. * We recommend that you take this opportunity to join a special discount member. * Some products such as books and care products are not eligible. Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.


Great planning Bon!

2018In August 11.

Hello everyone. It's been a hot day, but how are you doing?  Well, it's the Chi or Obon holiday. ^^ If it's a long place, is there a nine-day holiday? There are various ways to spend your time, such as returning home, visiting graves, traveling domestically, and traveling overseas, but how about everyone?  During this period, I think there are many people who return to Kyushu. So, let's take this opportunity to refresh the bracelet that is difficult to maintain! A minor change for autumn may also be good!  We also have daily bargain products, so please visit Dazaifu! Implementation period: August 11, Heisei 30(Soil) ~ 8/19/2018(day) Implementation store: Dazaifu Kaiunkan / Crystal Garage GAIA store Implementation details: (1) One free rubber wire replacement of the bracelet per person (2) Daily product large board behavior service! * When receiving the service, please register the e-mail magazine at the store. Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.


"Midsummer Crystal fair" held in!

2018July 22, 2010

First of all, I would like to pray for the repose of the souls of those who lost their lives during the "heavy rain in July 30" and express my condolences to the bereaved families. We would also like to express our deepest sympathies to those affected by the disaster.  In response to the great success of the "Early Summer Cluster Festival!" held in May and the requests of many customers who could not come, the "Midsummer Crystal Fair!" We are holding it!  In addition to the clusters from Tomas Gonsaga, Brazil, this time, we offer natural crystal balls, Himalayan crystals, laser crystals, and all kinds of crystals at large prices!  Like last time, it will be held at a special venue with a tent set up next to GAIA, and this time it will be held at the same time at Dazaifu Kaiunkan and GAIA, so the scale of the event will be expanded. Also, the period will be longer than the last time, so please take this opportunity! Implementation period: July 21, Heisei 30(Soil) ~ 7/31/2018(fire) Implementation stores: Dazaifu Kaiunkan / Crystal Garage GAIA Both stores Contents: What all crystals! 50% OFF Large-sized Bessele Special Price(water)GAIA is closed, but Dazaifu Kaiskan is open for business.  We are looking forward to seeing you as much as the heat blows away! Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.


Cluster of summer festivals!

2018March 17.

"Early Summer Cluster Festival!"  By the way, we have received a large number of clusters from Tomas Gonsaga, Brazil.  By the way, the crystals of this production area boast top-class transparency and brilliance in the world. It is no exaggeration to say that the reputation within this industry is AAA.  But don't worry! From a cute size that fits in your hand, it is mainly a palm size, so the price is reasonable. What's more, we're offering a great deal this time!  And even more!! Actually, the staff hasn't seen it yet! What's more, it is unpacked on the day, so you should have a really good encounter with stones! Implementation period: May 19, Heisei 30(Soil) ~ 5/22/2018(fire) Location: Crystal Garage GAIA Implementation details: What a crystal cluster! 60% off the list price *19th(soil)The 20 day(day)starts unpacking at 10:15. If you want to see it first, please visit us by then. * Even at Kaiunkan, clusters in stores will be 60% off. * To receive the service, you need to register for an e-mail magazine.  All the staff are looking forward to serving you! Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.


"Spring refresh fairs! "Holding!

2018April 15, 2010

"Spring Refresh Fair!" At the start of the new fiscal year, Dazaifu Kaiunkan / Crystal Garage GAIA will support everyone's good start with the "Refresh Fair".  Please refresh the partner stone you usually wear and get off to a good start. Implementation period: April 15, Heisei 30(Day)-4/30/2018(moon) Conducted for: newsletter members(In-store registration may day) Implementation details: Free replacement and purification of bracelet rubber or wire In addition, the replacement parts fee is 50% off! * One e-mail magazine will be provided per person who registers for the e-mail magazine. * Special metal fittings will be charged separately. All the staff are looking forward to your visit! Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.

Brazil people are amazed! Amethyst fair spring!

2018March 21 -

"Brazilians are also surprised!" Spring Amethyst Fair Last month, a large amount of amethyst domes arrived from Brazil! Along with that, "Brazilians are surprised!" Spring Amethyst Fair" is held.  Amethyst Dome, as well as amethyst such as raw stone, loose, round ball, object, etc., anything of any shape is a service at a large special price!  This weekend, there are only 3 days left! Please take advantage of this opportunity! Date: March 17, 2018(soil)From 3/25(day)※22nd()will be a substitute store holiday. Stores: Dazaifu Good Luck Hall / Crystal Garage GAIA Contents: Amethyst in general "50% OFF! Brazilians are also surprised! Offered at "Large Special Price" ※Last Price(The final great deals)Please ask the staff. We look forward to your visit! Language This page has been translated automatically. Please note that it may differ from the original content.

Thanks GAIA anniversary.


GAIA1 anniversary Thanksgiving sale announcement this time Crystal Garage GAIA is celebrates anniversary with our thanks.  Thanks very much to everyone.  The Thanksgiving sale today!  Even without registration your registration at the store and receive discounts from the spot. Please use this opportunity! Duration: 2/10/2018(soil)From 2/18(day) Content: products except some special discount members receive 50% off e-zine members 30% off * books, etc. * Will be carried out only in GAIA. * Newsletter members will take this opportunity to come to a special discounted membership enrollment we recommend. For more information please ask! Visit our staff sincerely look forward to! Language this page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original.

Happy New Year

2018January 1 -

Everyone, happy new year and congratulations.  Again this year we will devote our shop where you can enjoy our.  Thank you kindly. Who knows! Ended the year 2018.  What year are you?  I greeted the new year was forecast at the end of temporary, from new year's day weather will get worse, but blessed with clear skies and pleasant. In a good mood so incase shrine. ^ ^ Well, Dazaifu luck Hotel /GAIA do this year! "New year! Good luck Festival! "Spending sprees in the new year and celebrate the new year!  For more information please check in the body. This year year great year. At at at at at at at at at at at at [table of contents] — ☆. -' *:.─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ★ "new business" let ★ "new year! Good luck Festival! "Of guide ★ parking ★ about store holiday hours of operation ★ new member card receive about ─ ─ ─ ─ ─. ' ° *:-☆-------------★ announces sales for the new year------------will open new year's day new year's day than. In addition, 1/3 will be open again on Wednesday. Opening hours good luck building 10:00-18:00 GAIA 10:00-19:00 other information under "open and closed as follows. Make no mistake will be appreciated. ------------★ ' new year! Good luck Festival! "The Guide------------.. read more