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2018Year August


Great planning Bon!


Hello everyone. It's been a hot day, but how are you doing?  Well, it's the Chi or Obon holiday. ^^ If it's a long place, is there a nine-day holiday? There are various ways to spend your time, such as returning home, visiting graves, traveling domestically, and traveling overseas, but how about everyone?  During this period, I think there are many people who return to Kyushu. So, let's take this opportunity to refresh the bracelet that is difficult to maintain! A minor change for autumn may also be good!  We also have daily bargain products, so please visit Dazaifu! Implementation period: August 11, Heisei 30(Soil) ~ 8/19/2018(Day) Implementation store: Dazaifu Kaiunkan / Crystal Garage GAIA store Implementation details: (1) One free rubber wire replacement of the bracelet per person (2) Daily product large board behavior service! * When receiving the service, please register the e-mail magazine at the store. Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.