2018August 11, 2008

Hi, everybody. Is followed by severe heat, what you doing?
Now, Facebook is Obon holiday. ^ ^ A 9 week long thing, and what? Home / grave, domestic travel, international travel, people spend there, everyone is like?
I think many people this time of year is home to Kyushu. So the bracelet impossible of maintenance I'll refresh on this occasion! It is too minor for the fall?!
In addition, daily deals items are available, so take a look at to Dazaifu feet please!

Period of implementation:8/11/2018(Soil) ~ 8/19/2018(sun)
Implementation: Dazaifu good-luck House /Crystal Garage GAIA both store
Implementation description:(1) rubber wire replacement bracelet per person 1 book free (2) daily item largesse service!

* Service you receive when store newsletter registration, please.