2018July 7, 2010

We as we all know, yesterday in a wide area of Western Japan "heavy rain special warning" has been issued.
Damage such as a landslide and road subsidence has been reported throughout the segment Fukuoka changed to "heavy rain warning" this morning, but.

Condolences to the victims who were killed in heavy rains once again, sincerely wish our souls while at the same time. I just wish for a speedy recovery.

Dazaifu luck hotel, Crystal Garage GAIA is the extraordinary every day, but today 7/7(Soil)Also we will be temporarily closed. Inconvenience any inconvenience to guests planning to visit us, we are very sorry. We ask for your understanding.

Please note tomorrow for subsequent sales, due to weather and other once again guide authorised.
Please thank.

It seems likely melt comes, will not wait. Everyone, please take care and enjoy.

Manager: comoriden Kazuo