2017April 15 -

You guys Hello!

Here 2,3Good weather day
So it was a pleasant morning
Ago leaving for work the other day went to initiate and to Dazaifu tenmangu shrine.

Morning at about 8 a.m., yet many people

In the spacious feeling done improperly can
From morning into the job in the invigorating feeling!

Now, in this new environment, Department
Exciting, exciting days
How to start a
I think many.
There's good-luck hotel and GAIA(Gaia)And now
I want to cheer up take a look at our new life
"Spring refresh fairs.
We have planned.

For this, you have bracelets rubber Exchange,
Wire change by the refresh
And off to a good start
I believe!

Implementation period
4/14(Gold) ~ 4/30(day)

Implementation details
Rubber Bracelet or wire free exchange & purification

★ more replacement parts is 50% off!!

* Please present newsletter 4 / 14 delivery upon service.
Please present the registration completion screen * new registered cases.
* Newsletter registration applicant / person will be offered one.
* Special fittings, added to the charges.

Register merumaga ↓ ↓ please website.
Web site of Dazaifu good luck

Staff sincerely look forward to!

Staff: nakachi

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