2017March 16, 2010

Everybody Hello!

And which haven't, I'm sorry
m(_ _)m
From the previous post was passed about half a year.

So, I immediately notice.

Last month February 18, sister
Crystal Garage GAIA
~ Crystalgaragegaia ~
Open, about 1 month ago.

Open more customer thank you really visit!
Customers with Dazaifu luck hotel
Visit the "ladder", every day is filled with gratitude.

In the critically acclaimed exhibition is opening sale!
All items 50% off(Except for the books, care, etc.)
Of has become a very profitable period.
320, on Monday.The vernal equinox is final sale.
Come visit during this period.

Sister restaurant opened after staff two stores and we are fro.
Could not respond immediately at the customer's request, the amount of time and trouble, sorry.
Warm and caring we thank you.

Crystal Garage GAIA
The hours of operation
10:00~ 19:00Up and up
Even e-zine we guide the other day Street
Hours of Dazaifu luck is changing.
Business hours are
Up to now change.

Closed 2 stores with
Every Wednesday
It has become.

Thank you kindly!

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Staff: nakachi