2016September 24th.

Tomorrow night 9/25 "thousand lights" is.
Not only the Dazaifu tenmangu shrine
小鳥居 alley shop should also
Evening 18 o'clock was from Brooklyn, New York with a lot of.

Business hours tomorrow
21Until we become.
Please take this opportunity to come to Dazaifu good luck at night.
The atmosphere is different from the usual
We also wrapped in the light of the ancient Dazaifu-machi, hope you'll enjoy together.

"Thousand lights" and the
Senbon bolt Shinji pond in Dazaifu tenmangu shrine "saiwai type Festival, starting from the last day of the autumnal Equinox day tomorrow is candle alight the fire of God's Holy Spirit to comfort you," thousand lights "is done.
By Miko Kagura dance and Lady in the water surrounded by the light of a candle shines on the surface of the water, into an unseen world.
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Dazaifu tenmangu shrine 

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