Fukuoka Prefecture Dazaifu tenmangu shrine near natural stone(Power Stone)Dazaifu luck pavilion shop


Original bracelet
Stone lucky stone derived from date of birth or your situation and goals we propose we are.
Also your inspiration, design, overall balance together strive to create.
Make no more of your favorite gem??

Original accessories
Addition to the bracelet, earrings, necklaces, strap, rings, pendants, anklets... various accessories with your original, will be made.
Stocks materials range from bead parts loose, such as cabochons, of several thousands.

Polishing and engraving products
Round ball and polished points(Columnar stone polished)Is, of course, become objects and artifacts and sculptures in various stocks.
While the Dazaifu Kaiunkan is good at is crystal ball-polished polished craftsmanship in kōfu, Yamanashi Prefecture, State of the art and wear the nun gem.
To make a bring out the charm of natural stone, please peek into that world.

Stone lamps
Calcite, fluorite, quartz, Amethyst... endless list, including the salt but the Director makes a mysterious world stones of various kinds.
A special room for bedroom or living room, and your healing space, why not decorate??

The rough
Enchanting Crystal mineral who gathered from around the world.
Even small one one single crystal in microcosm.
Created by nature, colour, gloss, shape, perfect in the balance... words can tell the world there is.
Somewhat and the world of minerals/image kinda stiff and cold.
Stones are surely impression you come to a completely different one.

Tools and accessories
Origin to Tibetan, Buddhist, mandala(Mandala)The five pronged punch(Vajra)The Ganter, tingshas in Tibetan prayer wheel.
And other Buddha statues by sculptor of Japan made the Rosary;
The array of items belonging to the concept of "Tools"... so good luck original Crystal sword.
Would be better to say so-called authentic good luck toy.
This product is special in room.
Come to visit us before booking.