Fukuoka Prefecture Dazaifu tenmangu shrine near natural stone(Power Stone)Dazaifu luck pavilion shop

Introduction to services

Good luck stone free Diagnostics
At the same time free of charge your personality judgment.
Can diagnose well with people who care about your family, partner and company human relations among, so do not hesitate staff please inquire.(Please inform your friend's date of birth.)
Please luck stone free diagnostic jammed a lot of tips for good luck.

Free cleaning service

-Purification and?
Natural stone(Power Stone)The inoculate against negative energies, whether lack of energy by having the acquiring person(Exorcising evil)It is said.
Remediation work is this negative energy to the stone itself, to fatigue, but it removes the stone keep in good condition.

-How to clean
Our products pass, or visit at any time free of charge, with "white Sage" and "Crystal tuner" we clean up.
Smoke herb "white Sage" that removes negative energy of the stone, make any adjustments in the special tuning fork called the "Crystal tuner", always in a State of good energy will be given.
Even without shopping, and items purchased at other stores anytime feel free to please.
Good state cheer of natural stone(Power Stone)Can always receive the good power by acquiring free cleansing services on offer please.

Bespoke accessories

Hundreds of varieties is part
Features as part of the same stone as size and colour, handling and cutting of the range in the hundreds of parts.
Stocks, too many geeky stuff coming in at the spot.
Should please even the Manager himself buying the to accompany your request we will respond.

And your budget
On average depending on the type and size of stone to use parts of the many orders from about 5000 yen.
You can adjust according to your budget, so please feel free to consult staff.
Other woven hemp, also supports both the special machining engraving machining with 18 gold and precious metals, such as.
"Make this accessory??"That if you have one, please ask about this.