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2018In January 12. : GAIA temporary closing notice
Our hi
 Crystal Garage GAIAは、
平成30年1月12日(Gold)From 1/14(Day)

2018One day in January. : Happy new year



Now, Dazaifu luck Hotel /GAIA do this year! "New year! Good luck Festival! "Spending sprees in the new year and celebrate the new year! For more information please check in the body.

This year year great year.

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[Table of contents]
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★ notice of sales for the new year
★ ' new year! Good luck Festival! "The Guide to
★ car park information
★ open / closed
★ new member card receive information
─ ─ ─ ─ ─. ' ° *:-☆ ─

━ ━ ━---------
★ notice of sales for the new year
━ ━ ━---------
New year's will be open from today new year's day. Also

1/3 will be open again on Wednesday.

Opening hours good luck building 10:00-18:00
GAIA 10:00-19:00

The other is on under "open and closed.
Make no mistake will be appreciated.

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★ ' new year! Good luck Festival! "The Guide to
━ ━ ━---------
This year new year's day from the start! "So I wrote at the beginning
"New year! Good luck Festival! "We will conduct. The content is as follows.
Period of implementation: 1/1/2018(Moon)From 1/8(Moon)

Implementation description:
1 the issue again this year!Ticket luck!2万円分を1万円、5万円分を2万円、そして10万円分を3万円でご提供!!

その2、¥5,000以上お買い上げのお客様には、今年を占う「じゃんけんチャレンジ!」Winning staff will present "50% special discount coupon.(Ticket luck and should be included in the amount of your purchase.)

What a big treat!()Visit our staff sincerely look forward to!

Part 1, luck ticket sales are only "Dazaifu KAIUN-Kan".
* 2, GAIA do a rock paper scissors challenge.

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★ car park information
━ ━ ━---------
Please use your private car park next to the GAIA Dazaifu luck hotel and Crystal Garage GAIA store visit our customers also.


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★ open / closed
━ ━ ━---------
営業時間:開運館 午前10:00~午後6:00
ガイア 午前10:00~午後7:00
店休日 : 水曜日(「水晶の水曜日」と覚えて下さいね)


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★ new member card receive information
━ ━ ━---------
To everyone in the special discount member was allowed to guide to switching with the new membership in the autumn of last year.
So far I went in Dazaifu luck's about receiving.
In the relationship between the back-office processing functions moved to Gaia, Gaia store is receiving your new membership card in the future.
Please, sorry for the trouble of going somewhere, we thank you.
The case bring postcards of the old membership card or sales information.

* A new membership card with luck's new power logo, great reputation from our customers.
Still receive guests come to this opportunity! ^^

2017December 25th. : Closed ◆ ◆

Dazaifu Kaiunkan
及び姉妹店Crystal Garage GAIA




2017April 15th. : Spring-refresh-
You guys Hello!

Here 2,3Good weather day
So it was a pleasant morning
Ago leaving for work the other day went to initiate and to Dazaifu tenmangu shrine.

Morning at about 8 a.m., yet many people

In the spacious feeling done improperly can
From morning into the job in the invigorating feeling!

Now, in this new environment, Department
Exciting, exciting days
How to start a
I think many.
There's good-luck hotel and GAIA(Gaia)And now
I want to cheer up take a look at our new life
"Spring refresh fairs.
We have planned.

For this, you have bracelets rubber Exchange,
Wire change by the refresh
And off to a good start
I believe!

Implementation period
4/14(Gold) ~ 4/30(Day)

Implementation details
Rubber Bracelet or wire free exchange & purification

★ more replacement parts is 50% off!!

* Please present newsletter 4 / 14 delivery upon service.
Please present the registration completion screen * new registered cases.
* Newsletter registration applicant / person will be offered one.
* Special fittings, added to the charges.

Register merumaga ↓ ↓ please website.
Web site of Dazaifu good luck

Staff sincerely look forward to!

Staff: nakachi

Contact us by email
Call to Dazaifu good luck now!
Calls to GAIA right now!

Good luck's Facebook page here.

GAIA's Facebook page here.

2017年3月26日 : Instagram started!
Everybody Hello!

3It is warm in no month is coming to an end but it...
I get the hard part with fluffy scarf(><)

So today's announcement.
In fact quietly sober-a
Instagram(Instagram)Also started.

The staff soejima
[Stone today and I] in the series sometimes up, so take a look please.
And if you don't mind anyone thank you!

Instagram account
It is a crystal_garage_gaia.

Instagram ↓ ↓

In it!
Come early, warm warm season.

Staff: nakachi

Commitment to Dazaifu KAIUN building natural stone

3One policy

E-zine subscription
In the members-only discount and natural stone life enhancing information delivery!