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2017年4月15日 : Spring-refresh-
You guys Hello!

Here 2,3Good weather day
So it was a pleasant morning
Ago leaving for work the other day went to initiate and to Dazaifu tenmangu shrine.

Morning at about 8 a.m., yet many people

In the spacious feeling done improperly can
From morning into the job in the invigorating feeling!

Now, in this new environment, Department
Exciting, exciting days
How to start a
I think many.
There's good-luck hotel and GAIA(Gaia)And now
I want to cheer up take a look at our new life
"Spring refresh fairs.
We have planned.

For this, you have bracelets rubber Exchange,
Wire change by the refresh
And off to a good start
I believe!

Implementation period
4/14(Gold) ~ 4/30(Day)

Implementation details
Rubber Bracelet or wire free exchange & purification

★ more replacement parts is 50% off!!

* Please present newsletter 4 / 14 delivery upon service.
Please present the registration completion screen * new registered cases.
* Newsletter registration applicant / person will be offered one.
* Special fittings, added to the charges.

Register merumaga ↓ ↓ please website.
Web site of Dazaifu good luck

Staff sincerely look forward to!

Staff: nakachi

Contact us by email
Call to Dazaifu good luck now!
Calls to GAIA right now!

Good luck's Facebook page here.

GAIA's Facebook page here.

2017March, 26th. : Instagram started!
Everybody Hello!

3It is warm in no month is coming to an end but it...
I get the hard part with fluffy scarf(><)

So today's announcement.
In fact quietly sober-a
Instagram(Instagram)Also started.

The staff soejima
[Stone today and I] in the series sometimes up, so take a look please.
And if you don't mind anyone thank you!

Instagram account
It is a crystal_garage_gaia.

Instagram ↓ ↓

In it!
Come early, warm warm season.

Staff: nakachi
2017March, 16th. : Sister store opening sale!
Everybody Hello!

And which haven't, I'm sorry
m(_ _)m
From the previous post was passed about half a year.

So, I immediately notice.

Last month February 18, sister
Crystal Garage GAIA
~ Crystalgaragegaia ~
Open, about 1 month ago.

Open more customer thank you really visit!
Customers with Dazaifu luck hotel
Visit the "ladder", every day is filled with gratitude.

In the critically acclaimed exhibition is opening sale!
All items 50% off(Except for the books, care, etc.)
Of has become a very profitable period.
320, on Monday.The vernal equinox is final sale.
Come visit during this period.

Sister restaurant opened after staff two stores and we are fro.
Could not respond immediately at the customer's request, the amount of time and trouble, sorry.
Warm and caring we thank you.

Crystal Garage GAIA
The hours of operation
10:00~19:00Up and up
Even e-zine we guide the other day Street
Hours of Dazaifu luck is changing.
Business hours are
Up to now change.

Closed 2 stores with
Every Wednesday
We become.

Thank you kindly!

↓ ↓ Please visit Facebook page
If you like "nice, thank you!

Staff: nakachi
2016September 24th. : Ancient light and night good luck hotel

Tomorrow night 9/25 "thousand lights" is.
Not only the Dazaifu tenmangu shrine
小鳥居 alley shop should also
Evening 18 o'clock was from Brooklyn, New York with a lot of.

Business hours tomorrow
21Until we become.
Please take this opportunity to come to Dazaifu good luck at night.
The atmosphere is different from the usual
We also wrapped in the light of the ancient Dazaifu-machi, hope you'll enjoy together.

"Thousand lights" and the
Senbon bolt Shinji pond in Dazaifu tenmangu shrine "saiwai type Festival, starting from the last day of the autumnal Equinox day tomorrow is candle alight the fire of God's Holy Spirit to comfort you," thousand lights "is done.
By Miko Kagura dance and Lady in the water surrounded by the light of a candle shines on the surface of the water, into an unseen world.
Reference sites
Dazaifu tenmangu shrine 

For more information of the 'ancient light'Click here for

Staff: nakachi
2016年9月17日 : Dazaifu today

Dazaifu is fine today.

Still during very hot days going forward.
In shops and Dazaifu, events etc
I'm talking like enjoy the autumn Dazaifu.

Even this blog
Shops only, not the events of the Dazaifu guide we want to go.

Will be on the poor sentence
I hope you will enjoy reading!

Staff: nakachi

Commitment to Dazaifu KAIUN building natural stone

3One policy

E-zine subscription
In the members-only discount and natural stone life enhancing information delivery!