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2018年5月17日 : Cluster of summer festivals!

See our open bales! Cluster of summer festivals! "
And this time, BrazilThomas Gonzaga industrial clusterNow in stock in large quantities.
Incidentally Crystal region boasts leading transparency and shine in the world. Exaggeration to say AAA rating in this industry is not.
But don't worry! Cute size enough to fit in the hand and then so in Palm-sized heart and the price is affordable. In addition, I served great deals!

Further more! In fact, the staff haven't seen yet! It should be really good because what our open bales, stone met!

Period of implementation:5/19/2018(Soil) ~ 5/22/2018(Fire)
List of stores:Crystal Garage GAIA
Contents: Crystal cluster is what! List price60% off

*19日(Soil)The 20 day()The 10:15 begins unpacking.If you want to see in the first ever guests online.
* Clusters in the shop, even good-luck hotel is 60% off.
* Weekly newsletter is required during the service.

Staff sincerely look forward to!

2018April 15th. : "Spring refresh fairs! "Holding!

"Spring refresh fairs! "
Estoril will be rooting for at this time begins the new year with you in refresh fair in Dazaifu good-luck House /Crystal Garage GAIA.
Turn off refresh partners tone usually wearing a pleasant start.

Period of implementation:4/15/2018(Day)-4/30/2018(Moon)
Conducted for: newsletter members(In-store registration may day)
Contents: rubber bracelets, or wireFree exchange & purification
In addition to replacement parts Bill50% off!!

* Newsletter registration applicant / person will be offered one.
* Special fittings, added to the charges.

Staff, please come forward to!

2018March, 21. : Announcement of temporary closure
は、Dazaifu good-luck House /Crystal Garage GAIABothSubstitute holidayIt comes to.
* Normally closed on Wednesday.(I remember Crystal Wednesday.)
2018March, 21. : Brazil people are amazed! Amethyst fair spring!

"Brazil also surprised! Amethyst fair spring ' of information

Last month, Brazil more Amethyst dome in stock! With it, now see Brazil who also surprised! Amethyst fair spring "will take place.
Amethyst dome was of course the Amethyst gemstones, loose, ball, objects and so on if you are in any form of service at great prices!
This weekend, with 3 days left! Please use this opportunity!

Date:3/17/2018(Soil)From 3/25() 
*22(Wood)That would be substituted store holiday.
Held: Dazaifu good-luck House /Crystal Garage GAIA both store
General content: Amethyst"50% off what the! Brazil people are amazed! Great deals.In the offer
* Last p rice(The final great deals)I ask the staff.

Visit our staff look forward to!
2018On February 10th. : Thanks GAIA anniversary.
GAIA1 anniversary Thanksgiving sale announcements

This Crystal Garage GAIA is celebrates anniversary with our thanks. Thanks very much to everyone.
The Thanksgiving sale today!
Even without registration your registration at the store and receive discounts from the spot.
Please use this opportunity!

Period of time:2/10/2018(Soil)From 2/18()
Content: special discount members50% off
Members newsletter30% off
* Except some books, etc. products.
* Will be carried out only in GAIA.
* Newsletter members will take this opportunity to come to a special discounted membership enrollment we recommend.

For more information please ask!

Visit our staff sincerely look forward to!

Commitment to Dazaifu KAIUN building natural stone

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E-zine subscription
In the members-only discount and natural stone life enhancing information delivery!